Jim Hill Keeps The Beat, In Sweltering Heat

JACKSON, Miss. – It’s day two of band camp for the Jim Hill Tigers marching band, and according to the band’s director, practicing outside isn’t optional it’s mandatory.

“Every band in America is outside, that’s what marching bands do,” said Jim Hill Band Director, Christopher Little.

Everyday for the next two weeks the 130 band members will practice from nine o’clock in the morning until six o’clock in the evening.

How much time they spend outside depends on how hot it is.

The band members spend four to five hours of a eight-hour rehearsal day outside.

Little says he tries to keep the students inside during the hottest part of the day — between noon and 3 P.M.

He says his band works around the sun.

“We encourage them to stay out of the sun as much as possible and we try to keep them and the only time they’re in the sun is when we’re in full formation,” Little explains.

He says band members take plenty of breaks and they go through nearly 10 cases of bottled water day, the school also provides lunch for students.

Before even hitting the field, every student must have a physical exam to make sure they’re in top shape to handle the heat and the intense training.

“We keep a physical on each kid, so we know their conditions, we encourage parents the most important thing is to keep hydrated and nourished.”

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