Stranded motorist saved by a Simpson County deputy

It was a hot, some would even say scorching, summer day and Rondale Ragsdale was close to an hour away from home, when this happened.

“My car caught a flat and I had a doughnut, but the doughnut wouldn’t fit in there,” says Ragsdale.
Ragsdale says he was stranded on Highway 49 outside Mendenhall without any friends or family close by to help.

“I called 911 for assistance so no one would hit me and they said they would transfer me to highway patrol and they did and somehow the woman just came out the blue,” says Ragsdale.

The woman, Simpson County Deputy Kathryn McMillan, says she pulled over when she saw the flat, “I always make it a priority to still serve first.”

McMillan says after talking with Ragsdale and finding out he coaches little league and uses his own money to help these kids she knew she had to do more to help.

“He coaches little league football out of Jackson and he’s just very sweet and he said you’re about the nicest law enforcement I dealt with,” says McMillan.

McMillan then drove Ragsdale to the closest store for a new tire, but when he couldn’t afford the bill she did the unexpected.

“What surprised me the most was that she came out of pocket to help me because I didn’t know how I was going to get home,” says Ragsdale.

Before he made his way home, Ragsdale and McMillan took a picture together.

Ragsdale says he did it to help end a stereotype, “Just to show everybody that there’s still good police officers out there and with all this going on with the black and white, skin color doesn’t matter.”

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