What’s Working: In His Steps Ministries

JACKSON, MS – There is a little piece of paradise located just and mile and a half North of downtown Canton. In His Steps Ministries is helping its second generation of young people through activities that range from mathematics, to gardening to guitar.

This Friday, In His Steps Ministries will wrap up it’s second Summer Enrichment Series. More than 20 young people have spent their time away from school learning, exercising and growing in all aspects of their lives.

It sits on more than 15 and a half acres near the heart of Canton. In His Steps is an outreach ministry.

Jasper Bacon is the Executive Director.

He explains, ” As a matter of fact, our mission is to use specialized and creative ministries to impact the lives of children and their families.”

Those activities include sports, gardening, and, this Summer, lessons in subjects like mathematics and music.

Carolyn Bacon is the Director of Personnel and Volunteers for In His Steps.

She says, ” This Summer, we’ve been able to expose them to guitar lessons and we saw that a couple of our kids did really well.”

Skills developed here can help once at risk children make it all the way to college. That’s already happened with one group that began here when they were just second graders.

According to Jasper, “We know that some generational, how should we say it, some changes are taking place, in that some of the generational vices, generational poverty has been broken in the lives of these kids.”

Donations paid for the land and the 7,200 hundred square foot building that stands on. There is no cost of attend, but children’s  family members are encouraged to help out however they can.

Carolyn Bacon says, ” We are always looking for volunteers, always looking for people who have skills and abilities that want to be able to share those with our kids.”

Through that sharing in In His Steps will stride confidently into the future and helping young people every step of the way.

Faith has already gotten In His Steps ministry quite far. Plans are in the works to add a sports complex. They already have a very impressive garden.

Mission teams from across America also visit In His Steps to lend a helping hand. Other activities include Saturday morning reading sessions and after school tutoring. To find out more, or to make a donation log on to www.inhissteps.org

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