A family wants answers after a body was found in a burned house

It’s a call that no one wants to get about a family member, but for Dextris Barnett it became a reality.
“They just said my brother’s house is on fire, his car is at home and they couldn’t get in contact with him,” says Barnett.
According to Jackson fire officials, the house in the 200 block of Sylvan Trail caught fire Thursday afternoon.
“It’s very strange how the fire just started in the back most the time fires in the summertime start in the kitchen area. It just looks strange to me,” says Barnett.
While fire crews were putting out the flames, that’s when investigators say they found a man’s body in a bedroom.
Barnett says his brother Tyrone Jones lives in this house with one other roommate and no one has been able to reach Jones.
“I haven’t been able to get in contact with him. So we just praying that it’s not him, but it is a great possibility that it is him,” says Barnett.
Moments before emergency crews got to the scene, 16-year-old Allen Griffin was a couple houses down getting the mail when he says he saw three people running from the house.
“They were like jogging trying to get out the fire they were coughing and stuff trying to get out,” says Griffin.
More than 24 hours later and the investigation still continues to identify the man and piece together what happened and Barnett and his family say they just want closure.
“I’m not angry. I’m just real concerned to find out what happened to my baby brother,” says Barnett.
Fire investigators say a dog was also found dead in the house fire.
We will continue to update you on this investigation.

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