Mobile apps used to record police interactions launch in Mississippi

Jackson, Miss. (WJTV) Two mobile apps that record interaction with police have launched in the state of Mississippi.

With the “ACLU Mobile Justice Mississippi” App– you can record your interactions with police and send it to their legal offices.

Charles Irvin, Legal Director of the ACLU Mississippi says “it’s a good way for citizens to participate in protecting themselves.”

The “Duey Dialer” let’s you push a button and a lawyer will get a text with the location and recording of the incident.
mobile app

Police tell us they’re fine with people recording them but say people should be mindful of the law when they’re pulled over.

Sgt. Joseph French from the Brandon Police Department says “we allow the recording of our officers as long as the person that’s doing the recording isn’t interfering with the performance of the officers duties.” French believes the recordings help keep the officers professional.

The ACLU advises people to be careful when using the app and “take into account their surroundings.”

“Once your pulled over keep your hands where the officer can see them. That way the officer doesn’t mistake the camera for a weapon,” says Sgt. French. “Don’t make any movements that may make the officer believe you’re going for a weapon. Just keep your hands visible where the officer can see them. If you want to tell the officer you’re recording him, that’s fine also.”

The two mobile phone police recording apps are available for android and apple phones. The ACLU Mississippi says they have received 3,000 recordings and over 200 videos from the Mobile Justice app so far.

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