Selfie Gone Wild, Close Call For Flora Woman

JACKSON, Miss. – It was a close encounter with a bison for a Mississippi woman, that landed her in the hospital.

It was a family vacation to Yellowstone park that quickly turned into something very different.

“I remember when he hit me, and i thought there’s going to be more–he’s fixing to trample me,” Brandi Burgess explained.

Burgess describes the moment this bison tossed her into the air.

It happened just seconds after this selfie with her daughter was taken, she says she turned her back on the bison–soon after the animal charged.

“I said to my daughter hey let’s take a selfie, even though we weren’t trying to take it with a bison–it still was not a smart move and I consider myself to be an intelligent person,” Burgess told News Channel 12.

Burgess tells us she credits her father with saving her life, she says he ran to her aid —- shielding her from the bison as her daughter watched in horror.

“She was on the edge of the parking lot, just balling…she was saying I’ve never been so scared I’ve never been so scared and he’s been the father figure in her life and she thought she we were both fixing to die,” she said.

Burgess limped away from the encounter with only a cut and bruise on her back and tells us she’ll be healed in about 3 weeks.

She still has the pair of pants she was wearing to remind her of how close she came to being seriously injured or dying.

“I was very fortunate my daddy was there and that god was watching over us,” Burgess said.

Her family jokingly says the bison may have been attracted to Burgess’ red hair.

“You know we joked about that, I have to kind of wonder if my red hair and red shorts had something to do with it–but I don’t know that it did,” she said. “I guess we’ll never know.”

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