Glendale Street residents want city to fix pothole

pot hole 1

JACKSON, Miss. (WJTV) –  A pothole is forcing all traffic on Glendale Street into one lane.  WJTV’s News Channel 12’s Lucy Dieckhaus reached out to the city to see when that road will be repaired.

“They just seem to ignore it,” said Sherie Bunch.

That’s how 67-year-old Sherie Bunch feels about the city’s response to a pothole about three to five feet deep in the middle of Glendale Street.

She has lived on this road for 23 years, and said she has called the city five times asking for them come out and fix it.

John Brashier of Wells United Methodist church says the pothole is so deep that they tried a homemade fix to keep people from damaging their cars.

“If that car went in there, I would probably lose a tire a rim and cost me about 500 to 600 dollars,” said Brashier.

He said people just want to see their tax dollars put to good use.

“People ultimately they don’t really care about the politics. They just want their streets fixed,” said Brashier.

I spoke with a city spokeswoman who said they are aware of this pothole, but neighbors say this has been here for five years and this sign just popped up today.

Both Bunch and Brashier said they want the city to come out quickly, but they would also like to see a long-term solution.

“The repairs on the street is not helping anybody. It is just a facelift that is not very good,” said Bunch.

“Yeah it will cave in a lot more this is just the beginning, and i think it will deter people from driving on this street,” said Brashier.

A city spokeswoman said the pothole was reported Tuesday and again yesterday as a sewer cave-in.

Repairs are expected to be scheduled as soon as possible.

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