Shoppers saving during tax free weekend

Starting Friday and ending at midnight on Saturday, shoppers can save on the 7% sales tax on clothing and shoes.
The Raine family packed up their car and drove from Lauderdale County to shop in Rankin County for the sales tax holiday.
“It’s a great opportunity to save sales tax; you actually get it for the price that’s listed and I actually just checked the ticket and the first purchase we saved about $74,” says shopper, Alan Raine.
Estinika Brown says she waits until this weekend to shop for back to school shoes, “You get a little bit more for your money that sales tax adds up.”
For her daughter, Jordyn it’s not all about saving some bucks.
“It’s good for shopping for shoes because you’ll be the prettiest one in the classroom when you go to school,” says Jordyn Brown.
On average most shoppers we spoke with say they saved close to one hundred dollars, but for one mother buying her three children clothes she says she was even shocked by how much she saved.
“Around three thousand dollars today,” says shopper, Shenna Machado.
Shoppers only get the tax break on items less than $100.

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