What to do if you’re pulled over by police

JACKSON, Miss. (WJTV) – What do you do when you get pulled over by a police officer? Another important question is, what are your rights?
WJTV is getting you answers.

Charles Irvin, Legal Director of the American Civil Liberties Union of Mississippi says he’s bothered by the cases we’ve been seeing lately.

“Safety is my biggest concern at this point,” he said. “We want to certainly always uphold the constitutional rights of individuals, but when you see a string of cases this long and rapidly growing, I want people to be safe.”

Irvin says compliance is key to maintaining that safety.

“I think instead of phrasing it as what are your rights, at this time since there’s such a high number of cases, I would implore citizens to be safe, be straight forward,” he said. “Whatever the officer is asking you, answer it.”

Also keep in mind that you have a right to record your interaction. You also always have the right to remain silent.

Terrell Bass is heading a new mentoring program called Determined the Live. One of the things he focuses on is reminding kids how to handle police.

“If you feel like they are disrespectul you or violated your rights, then there are intellectual ways to fight back where you will have way more effect.”

Experts say when you get pulled over it’s kind of like picking and choosing your battles. The best thing to do, is to just do what the law enforcer tells you. Remember you can always fight it later.

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