Wisconsin plane crash caused by another plane on runway

(WBAY) – An initial report from the National Transportation Safety Board indicates a crash at Wittman Regional Airport during EAA AirVenture was the result of a stall when the pilot tried to adjust his speed after noticing another plane on the runway.

The crash, which happened on July 22, seriously injured three people and gave minor injuries to two other people.

The NTSB report says the pilot was making his approach to the landing strip and was given instructions by air traffic control to land on a green marker on the runway. The pilot noticed a twin-engine plane taxi onto the same runway. The pilot began to abandon the landing but reports he was told by air traffic control to land further down the runway instead.

The pilot continued the landing approach and pulled back on the power, resulting in a stall at about 250 to 300 feet above ground level. The plane hit the ground with its right wing and nose. The crash resulted in a fire.

Four people inside the plane were able to get out on their own. A fifth person was extracted by firefighters responding to the crash.

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