J-Settes tryouts postponed amid allegations of nine-member suspension

JACKSON, MS – The Clarion Ledger is reporting that 9 of Jackson State University’s 16-member Prancing J-Settes dance team have been suspended.

The Clarion Ledger says the decision was made in June in relation to a hazing allegation from last year. The members have been individually fined and cannot participate or have any involvement with the team for the remainder of their academic careers at JSU.

Reportedly, an investigation ensued and no hazing was ever found or proven but it was discovered that the students engaged in a dance practice off campus, reports the Clarion Ledger. found no evidence of the students engaging in hazing.

They also say an injunction petition has been filed to allow the now-former members to return to the team, but to no avail as of right now.

Jackson State sent out a release saying J-Settes tryouts scheduled for Monday, Aug. 3-4, 2015 have been postponed and will be rescheduled.


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