Canton courthouse shooting suspect expected to appear in court tomorrow

The suspect is a former Canton fire fighter. He's being held in the Madison county jail.

CANTON, MS – One man has been arrested after allegedly shooting and killing a man in a shocking turn of events.

Madison County Sheriff Randy Tucker says the shooting happened outside the county courthouse after the suspect, William Wells, drove up in a Toyota Tundra, got out, and shot Kendrick Brown .

Brown died at the scene after Wells allegedly shot him once in the chest with a handgun.

Wells is a former Canton fire fighter. He’s being held in the Madison county jail right now and will go before a judge in the morning. WJTV was told that he and brown had argued. It is unknown what the altercation was about.

Brown was expected in court today for a hearing. In March 2014 he was accused of selling cocaine and conspiring with an unnamed informant to sell cocaine near Rose Bud Park in Canton. Word of the shooting spread quickly Monday morning.

“From my understanding he fired the shot at the individual and was immediately approached by deputies here at the courthouse,” said Sheriff Randy Tucker.

Sammy White, who was near the courthouse, says, “I feel sorry for the one that lost his life and stuff like that because it could have been one of my brothers or sisters or kin to me.”

News Channel 12 found out that Brown was a habitual offender. He was convicted of selling cocaine in 2003 and had at least three other felony convictions on his record.

We also know that Wells’ mother was involved in a shooting Saturday night as she was leaving her home in Canton. Canton Police Chief Otha brown says she was shot in the leg and according to family members, is still in the hospital.

So far authorities have not said if the two shootings are connected.

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