Madison Co. Authorities Investigating Retaliation as Motivation Behind Courthouse Shooting

CANTON, MS – Retaliation may have been a motive in Monday morning’s fatal shooting outside of a courthouse in Canton.

Madison County District Attorney Michael Guest said said the suspect’s mother was shot in the leg over the weekend. She was also scheduled to testify against the victim in an upcoming trial.

The man who died – 37-year-old Kendrick Brown – he was on his way to a status hearing at the Madison County courthouse. Guest said Brown planned to turn down a plea bargain which would have lead to a trial.

But before that happened authorities say he was shot by 24-year-old William Wells. He is currently being held at the Madison County Detention Center.

Madison County Sheriff Randy Tucker said he fired one shot as the victim approached the courthouse doors.

Madison county authorities have not settled on a motivation for this shooting yet but at least some attention has been turned to an earlier shooting.

In that Saturday shooting, Canton Police Chief Otha Brown said a bullet hit the suspect’s mother in the leg while she was in her vehicle.

D.A. Guest said she would have been a witness in the victim’s future trial.

On Monday morning investigators searched for a single shell casing in the pine needle on the ground outside of the Madison County Courthouse. Sheriff Tucker recalled the calculated outline of what happened.

In fact, he says the suspect did not attempt to get away.

“He fired the shot at the individual and was immediately approached by deputies here at the courthouse and laid the firearm down and peacefully was taken into custody,” Sheriff Tucker said.

Looking into the motivation for the shooting, investigators are also looking at the background of the Saturday shooting that happened at the intersection of North Woodland Drive and East Academy Street.

William Wells mother was shot but a still-unknown gunman while she waited at a stop sign. Her family, which of course is also Williams’ family, declined to comment on Monday.

D.A. Guest say Kendrick Brown was about to turn down a plea bargain for drug charge. That would have lead to a trial with Williams’ mother testifying.

Investigators, however, say they have not yet made a connection. Here’s the response to the question ‘was this crime a retaliation?’

“I can’t speculate on why. I mean, that’s a possibility but we’ll just have to wait and interview the suspect and get his statement and see what was on his mind,” Sheriff Tucker said.

William Wells is scheduled to appear in Madison County justice court at 1 p.m. on Tuesday. He is being held on a murder charge that will be made official when he stands before a judge.

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