Rankin County Emergency Management Specialist warns about possible fire dangers

RANKIN COUNTY, Miss.–A large grass fire ripped through a wooded area along the border of Rankin and Simpson counties last night, and crews are still monitoring the area.

WJTV’s News Channel 12’s Lucy Dieckhaus spoke with the Rankin County Emergency Operations about how to prevent fires like these.

A grass and woods fire consumed 150 to 200 acres of land by Ridgeway road near star.

Several fire departments responded to the area last night and created a perimeter in order to contain the fire.

Brian Grantham with Rankin County Emergency Operations said the county may soon join with Brandon and Pearl and issue a burn ban.

“If the conditions persist like they do now, Rankin County could see a burn ban within the next couple of days,” said Grantham.

For now, they are asking people to be prepared if they choose to start a fire.

“Always have someone out there beside it. Always have a water hose available to put it out, and of course follow DEQ guidelines which is nothing man made can be burned,” said Grantham.

They are also asking smokers to make sure they are completely putting out their cigarettes.

“We recommend people who smoke be very careful where they discard their cigarette ashes because that can cause a lot of fires near roadways,” said Grantham.

The fire on Ridgeway Road burns on and may smolder for days, but Grantham said no homes or structures are in danger. The cause of the fire is still under investigation.

“We are still looking for the origin with as many acres that were burned there will be some time before we determine what actually started it,” said Grantham.

Rankin County is not currently under a burn ban, but the city limits of Brandon and Pearl do have burn bans in effect.

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