Gas line hit on Highland Colony Parkway

UPDATE: WJTV UPDATE: Northbound traffic is open again on Highland Colony Parkway. Southbound traffic should reopen in about 1.5 hours.


RIDGELAND, MS – A portion of Highland Colony Parkway is closed because of a gas leak.

According to the city of Ridgeland Facebook page, a construction crew hit a gas line “on Highland Colony Parkway across from the BankPlus.”

The road is closed between Old Agency Rd. and Steed Rd.

Atmos Entergy is on scene. They will be crimping the line in order to turn the gas off. The release says this action “will take about 1 to 1 ½ hours.”

Ridgeland PD and FD are on the scene, along with Butch Hammack from EMA. Butch says a main gas line was hit.

Repairs are in the works, but if crews can’t get to it on the side of the road, they’ll have to dig in the middle of the intersection.

Reportedly, the leak does not pose a threat to anyone. The closest building is Bank Plus, which is already closed for the day.

Officials say it could take 1-4 hours to find and repair the leak.

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