Officer caught throwing peanuts at homeless man resigns

SARASOTA, Fla (WFLA) – The Sarasota police officer caught throwing peanuts to a handcuffed homeless man has resigned. Andrew Halpin resigned Tuesday at 12:45 p.m. He was supposed to be interviewed by the department’s Internal Affairs unit at 1 p.m. Tuesday, police said.

Halpin started working as a Sarasota officer in November 2006. In July of this year video was released of Halpin throwing peanuts to the homeless man, who had his hands handcuffed behind his back. The officer appears to be taunting the inmate. Sources said the officer gave dog commands to the man. Halpin had previous disciplinary problems with the department, an ACLU representative told News Channel 8.

On July 29 the Sarasota County Sheriff’s Office disciplined a deputy for his role in the incident. Deputy Michael De Leo was suspended for 36 hours for failing to intervene.

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