Problems at Siwell Middle School voting precinct

HINDS COUNTY, Miss. (WJTV) – Supporters on both sides of one race said incorrect ballots cold be skewing the vote count.

Voters have called officials and then called the WJTV newsroom about what they’ve been dealing with. The issues might be affecting the Democratic primary for House District 66.

The race is with Incumbent Representative Brad Oberhousen and Challenger Jarvis Dortch.

The voting precinct at Siwell Middle School is known as a split precinct. People living in both District 63 and 66 are able to vote there.

However, that’s where some voters say the problem lies.

Some supporters, including one of the candidates in the District 66 race, were given ballots for the District 63 race. Although it has not been confirmed by election officials there, there’s speculation that only one District’s ballot was being given out. That mean,s both candidates may have lost out on votes.

“As a supporter, no one could give me a clear answer about anything,” said Debbie Dortch mom of Jarvis Dortch, a candidate. “Nobody knows anything. I think mainly the workers inside are new and they don’t know how to pull up this or pull up that.”

Jarvis Dortch, who is running for House District 66 said he is disappointed that so much hard work is derailed by worker error.

“They were really confused about the situation and didn’t know that it was a split precinct or how a split ballot worked and they had to look for the ballots and actually found them,he said. “But this was about 7:45 after at least 100 people had voted.”

Election officials said everything is running smoothly again, no mismanagement has been reported so far. It’s still unclear how widespread the problem was.

At least one of the candidates is expected to file a formal complaint with the Hinds County Election Commission, depending on how close the outcome of this race turns out.

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