Voting precinct in Byram opens late

HINDS COUNTY, Miss. (WJTV) – Trouble at a Hinds County voting precinct had poll workers and voters at a late start Tuesday.

There were some problems at the Wynndale Baptist Church in Byram.

“All the poll workers were told to report to this establishment at 6:00 this morning,” said Kaelin Hanson, the polling place manager. “When we arrived here was no one there to open the polling place for us. So we ended up sitting outside until somebody came at 6:45, a quarter to 7:00. By that point, people were starting to line up at the door to vote and we’re all trying to frantically rush in and get everything set up so we can get people to vote. We didn’t open until 7:35 this morning.”

About 20 people were waiting in line for that polling location to open.


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