One Church volunteers serve people in need

JACKSON Miss.- Volunteers from one church wanted to serve god in another way today. In the middle of a scorching hot day, they gave away fresh food and fans in Ridgeland.

WJTV News Channel 12’s Lucy Dieckhaus spoke with one woman especially grateful for the church’s help.

“There’s a lot of good people in the world,” said Lula Mathews.

Lula Mathews has lived without air conditioning for two weeks and she said her new fan and food from one church will help her stay cool and fill up her empty fridge.

Pastor Matt McGue of One Church said they bring fresh fruit and vegetables every month to those in need because their mission is to love their neighbors and spread hope.

“We’re passionate about reaching all people in our neighborhoods and especially in the apartments here where sometimes there is greater needs,” said McGue.

Volunteer Maranda Joiner said it’s difficult to serve others without first listening and hearing what they actually need.

“Sit down get to know people to really find out their heartbeat. I think it is very important and then at that point we can figure out what to do to help because it is kinds hard to help someone when you don’t know what they need and you’re just helping from your own opinion,” said Joiner.

Joiner says it’s important to have relationships with the community and see people in need as more than just faces.

“They greet us with smiles and hugs, so it is really heartwarming to be able to help and build relationships with people that are genuine,” said Joiner.

And McGue says Mississippi has a great need for this type of service.

“We actually have lots of what are called food deserts in Mississippi where people cannot actually afford fresh fruit and vegetables. It is one of the last things they leave off their grocery list,” said McGue.

And Mathews said although her air conditioning is broken she remembers what’s really important.

“Just keep god first in everything,” said Mathews.

One church volunteers handed out the fresh fruit and vegetables donated from Fresh Market, and the fans were donated from Lowes and Home Depot.

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