Water main break on Old Canton Road

JACKSON, MS – Temperatures are soaring not only making things uncomfortable, but also causing problems for Jackson’s aging infrastructure.

WJTV’s Beth Alexander went to Old Canton Road where heat may have caused a water main break. A city of Jackson crew member out here earlier told us the break was caused by the heat. I talked to people in the area who had their water turned off because of the break.

“I’m not surprised you see it happen all the time. No surprise. It needs to be fixed. Repaired. Can’t barely go down the street without hitting a pothole and tearing your car up. ,” said Eshaun Wells, who was working outside when it happened.

When water was turned off to the building wells was working on he and his crew improvised. They used water from this running fire hydrant to make the brick mortar.

“You got to add water and sand in this machine right here and that’s what we use to seal the bricks,” said Well.

We saw city of Jackson workers digging out the hole to get to the pipe below and pumping water into the street.

I asked wells how he stays safe in extreme heat. He said:

“It’s hot but every now and then we get a cool breeze you know. Drink plenty of water and Gatorade. Take a break every now and then try to stay as cool as possible.”

News Channel 12 has contacted the city of Jackson but so far they have not given us an update on this story.




We’re learning more about the water main break on Old Canton Road.

We’re told that the heat could be the blame for the break.

A City of Jackson crew member who was on the scene told us that the water main break occurred because of Monday’s hot temperatures.

We’ve contacted the city about this issue and will update this story as soon as we have more details.

JACKSON, Miss. (WJTV) – There’s a water main break on Old Canton Road just south of Meadowbrook Road.

The area is blocked off where the break is located.

water main 3Drivers are still able to pass through in the other lane.

Use caution in this area.

water main 2


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