Woman claims unfair treatment after trying to breastfeed child at Target

JACKSON, MS – A mother feels that she was mistreated at a local Target when she tried to breastfeed her child.

“There was a dressing room attendant who then said how may I help you and I said I’m here to nurse my baby in the fitting room and she said absolutely not. You’re going to have to take that to the bathroom,” Jazzmine McKee says she was stunned when Target staff told her to use the restroom to breastfeed her son.

“I didn’t know what my next words were going to be. How would you like to go get McDonald’s and sit on the commode to eat,” adds McKee.

McKee says she was so embarrassed. She claims staff told her she could use the dressing room ‘just this once’ to feed her child.

“It was embarrassing all these people were standing around and looking at me like I was doing a dirty deed, it was just so embarrassing,” says McKee.

The weekend incident caused quite a stir on social media. Breastfeeding mothers come together in protest.

“We walked back and I just asked if I might have a dressing room to feed my child and she said sure go ahead whichever one you’d like. And so we went in nursed and came back out,” says Sam Melton, who breastfed her daughter in Target’s dressing room Monday.

According to Target, mothers are not to be offered the restroom for nursing.

“Breasts have become so sexualized that no one realizes that this is normal, so we’re here trying to normalize breastfeeding,” adds Melton.

McKee says she won’t be shopping at the Jackson Target again. She says the manager has apologized for the incident.

According to Mississippi mothers can breastfeed in public with or without a cover.

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