Jackson Mayor Tony Yarber weighs in on Costco controversy on Twitter

Photo: Twitter

JACKSON, Miss. (WJTV) – Jackson Mayor Tony Yarber is weighing in on the Ridgeland Costco controversy.

Mayor Yarber started tweeting about the store Wednesday night

The tweets read, “I am disgusted to know that there are public officials both present and past who were deliberate obstructionists in my Costco efforts.”

Another tweet said “Very poor display of your love for Jackson while obstructing it’s progress.”

There were talks of Costco locating in Jackson, but that never happened.

Here is the statement he released about the issue:

“I am disappointed that some key community, local, and state leaders could not come together to make Costco a reality for the City of Jackson. Mississippi’s capital city was Costco’s first choice. When industry wants to locate here, it’s the responsibility of leaders on all levels to make sure that happens for the citizens we serve. Costco settling on another location after wanting to be in Jackson is an indictment on all those who claim to love Jackson, but display actions to the contrary.”


We are working to find out why Jackson couldn’t find a way to bring Costco to the capital city. We will continue to work on this story and provide you with the details when they become available.

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