Brandon residents concerned over “reckless” driving through neighborhoods

BRANDON, MS – Blowing through stop signs? Those living in a Brandon neighborhood are asking for more patrol from police officers.

WJTV News Channel 12’s Malary Pullen joins us with more on what neighbors are saying.

Neighbors in the area are asking for more patrol in this neighborhood, claiming drivers are speeding and running through stop signs.

The concern is along Park Ridge Drive. This is where the problem area was reported to us in our newsroom.

We’re told there are lots of children in the area. Neighbors want more Brandon officers in the neighborhood before someone’s daily commute turns tragic.

“They recently put these stop signs in trying to help with that, which I do think it has slowed it down but I think people may not realize they’re there and they’re still going through the stop signs.” – Randi Bullock

Brandon police say they are out in neighborhoods mostly in the mornings and evenings when children are picked up and dropped off for school.

The department has six officers on each shift and over 800 streets to patrol.

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