What’s Working: Pop Culture Pops

FONDREN, MS – Two people, one tax return and an idea that’s time had come. That’s all it took for one Jackson couple to quick-freeze their own a tasty piece of the America dream.

It’s been a long hot Summer in Mississippi. Even with our record breaking run of temperatures, topping out above 95 degrees now over, cooling off is still top priority. One of the coolest spots in town is under a brightly colored umbrella in the Fondren neighborhood.

Gourmet popsicles, before cold spasms radiate up your teeth, consider just how delicious that concept could be. Watermelon pops on a scorching August afternoon. Pumpkin pops by a crackling fire in October.

Craig and Lori Kinsley started Pop Culture Pops with a freezer and a cart that a friend helped them build.

Craig elaborates, “A lot of people don’t realize it, but Jackson is definitely a food city. People are interested in trying new things, and so, we thought, let’s give it a shot and see if people take something that’s a little different, and something that’s nice and sweet and kind of fun for the whole family.”

Creativity, organic cane sugar and fresh produce go into every pop.

Lori Kinsley explains, ” We’re very big on trying to find produce as local as possible. A lot of different markets and farmers markets around as close as possible.”

Pop Culture has only been around since March, but plans to change with the seasons. Craig and Lori are betting that people will love their pops all year long. They’ll soon move into this storefront on State Street, and hope to have carts rolling across the Metro.

Craig proudly proclaims, ” Almost every day you’re going to find something that you’ve never seen on the menu before. We are constantly trying for new flavor combinations and new zany ideas.”

Lori chips in, ” Vanilla, chocolate, water melon, strawberry lemonade, and then for a little more adventurous people, we have things like sweet potato, pineapple jalapeno, peach basil is kind of a cult favorite.”

Whether you’re in search of a desert that’s not too filling or a tasty treat early in the afternoon, a good popsicle can go a long way.

Lori concludes, “Absolutely blown away at the response and very thrilled that this is something that we can do as a living take care of our family and it’s been great.”

The Kinsley’s recently purchased a blast freezer. That can freeze a batch of pops in just 25 minutes!  Pop Culture Pops is not the only place find gourmet pops in the Metro. Deep South Pops is located on State Street in Belhaven, and they offer a variety of deserts along with their pops.

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