Camp Funshine welcomes children suffering with burns

CANTON, Miss. — Camp Bratton-Green opened their doors to a special group of campers this weekend– children recovering from burns. WJTV’s News Channel 12’s Lucy Dieckhaus spoke with some of the campers.

12-year-old Carlee Lindsey is not letting her burns stop her from zip lining at Camp Funshine this weekend.

She joins other campers from around the state for three days of activities from swimming to arts and crafts.

9-year-old Alexsys Bryant says she’ll be back next year.

“We have fun together,” said Bryant.

Executive Director of the Mississippi Burn Foundation Amanda Fontaine says the kids share a common bond and helps campers like Carlee and Alexsys know they’re all in this together.

“After being in the hospital for so many weeks, and then they have that as a major accomplishment as soon as they got out of the hospital that weekend,” said Fontaine.

Tom Fanning helped start the camp about five years ago and says campers should know they are not alone in the world.

“I’ve watched these kids grow for the last five years and see them kind of get more confidence in themselves and start becoming adults,” said Fanning.

Camp Director Tom Welch says they want to spread a message of hope.

“God loves them unconditionally for who they are as they are regardless of what happened to them in their lives before they got here, and to take that confidence about complete love and acceptance back into their day,” said Welch.

And Carlee says she’s enjoyed the camp so much, next year she wants to come back as a counselor.

“The other counselors have taken care of me, so i just want to see what it’s like to take care of other kids that have been burned,” said Lindsey.

The Mississippi Burn Foundation teamed up with local churches to make this camp free for children ages 6 to 12. Camp Funshine is also staffed entirely by volunteers.

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