Salvation Army Captain speaks out about the Brandon High School band debate

RANKIN COUNTY, Miss.– It’s a story that’s now getting national attention.

The band at Brandon High School was benched during its half time performance all because of a song.

Now a Salvation Army Captain plans to take a stand against the judge who ordered this.

At Friday’s game the band wasn’t allowed to perform How Great Thou Art for their performance.

Parents say this song was approved by the school board before the band spent months in the heat practicing for the performance.

Judge Carlton Reeves issued a court order on July 10th.

The reason behind it is that administrators, teachers and staff are prohibited from sponsoring prayer and religious activities.

And Captain Ken Chapman says something has to be done.

” We have the right to express music everyone and music cannot be regulated.  They didn’t sing the words how great thou art they are playing the music,” said Chapman. “I’m saying it’s time for Christians and other people to stand up and say were not going to take this anymore were going to make a difference were going to be heard.”

Captain Chapman is a parent of a Rankin County student and says when parents broke out in song his  heart was warmed and his spirit lifted.

He plans to play the song outside Brandon High School on Monday morning, and by the end of the week he hopes to get enough people together to hold a rally.

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