Emmett Till’s family holds vigil in his honor

It’s been sixty years since Emmett Till was killed for whistling at a white woman.
Till’s family held a vigil Friday night to keep his memory alive.
Till was just a teen in 1955 visiting family in Money, Mississippi from Chicago when a whistle cost him his life.
Cousin, Charles Kelly was six years old when Till was found dead in the Tallahatchie River.
Kelly’s last memory of Till was getting snow balls the day before he left for Money.
“And when Emmett Till pulled his money out he had $15 in his pocket and I thought this boy had a lot of money. My daddy doesn’t make $30 a week, so that was a lot of money back in that time,” says Kelly.
Linda Harper was also one of Till’s cousin and although she wasn’t alive to meet him she remembers the first time she heard about his murder from Till’s mother.
“I was young I really didn’t understand, but I was sad because she was sad telling the story about what had happened to her son,” says Harper.
Decades later, no one has served time for Till’s murder.
However, the teen’s death sparked a movement amongst civil rights activists across the country.
“It feels good to be a part of this. Not just hating that the incident did happen, but he was a part of our family,” says Harper.
“Regardless of what color you are everybody in this world is not bad. We just have to come together and stop hurting each other, “says Kelly.

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