Mayor: Pearl Municipal Court Focus of State Auditor’s Investigation

Jackson, Miss. — Pearl Mayor Brad Rogers says the city has asked the State Auditor’s office to investigate possible fraud in a city office. Rogers first realized there were discrepancies in reports coming from the Municipal Court about two months ago. The City Clerk’s office caught the discrepancies, which are the basis for a fraud investigation. “Upon seeing those discrepancies we asked for an internal review from the criminal investigative division.”

Rogers says the discrepancies are from the past couple of years. That means all current court clerks along with a former head clerk are part of the investigation. “I anticipate that there will be charges brought forward.”

Rogers says the city has turned the investigation over to the State Auditor’s office. I contacted that office today but they tell me they can neither confirm nor deny an investigation. Rogers could not tell me the exact amount of money, exactly when it was taken or how it was taken. “You want to believe that everyone that works for you is a truthful person and wouldn’t do anything wrong especially in your police department and court side but again we’re dealing with people and people are not perfect.”


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