After Katrina: Shelter still home to five dogs rescued during the storm

JACKSON, Miss.–“Waiting and waiting and waiting for someone to come adopt them,” said Jackson.

Elizabeth Jackson wouldn’t let Hurricane Katrina stand in the way of her finding animals a home.

While the storm separated thousands of animals from their families, Elizabeth created a new home for some of them– the Animal Rescue Fund.

But her small scale endeavor with 35 dogs and three birds from Waveland quickly grew to 250 dogs and more than 80 cats.

“They didn’t have anyone to take them,” said Jackson.

And Sparky, Destin, Rufus, Trixie and Dixie still call Animal Rescue Fund home.

“They all deserve a home. We’ve had some dogs that here been here ten years that have gotten homes, and they are just the perfect pet. Just because it’s an older dog or it’s been here for a while doesn’t mean it’s not any more deserving of a home than a puppy,” said Jackson.

Jackson remembers one owner filled with joy after she was reunited with her dog years later.

“The dog saw her and she saw the dog and the dog just ran into her arms,” said Jackson.

Even though she’s saved many dogs lives, Elizabeth says she’s inspired by the animals.

“They have such a resiliency to survive and forgive the abuses that they’ve received,” said Jackson.

All of these dogs at the shelter are up for adoption.

If you are interested in bringing any of these animals home, you can call visit the Animal Rescue Fund’s Mayes Street location, call (769) 216-3414, or visit their Facebook page.

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