Jackson Police looking for brown Tahoe connected to armed robbery/shooting in West McDowell Road area

UPDATE: Neighbors on McDowell road say their backyards turned into a warzone this evening.

Some people say they heard as many as forty shots around the Autumn Place Apartments following an armed robbery at an Auto Zone.

Police are continuing to investigate around the road Autumn Place South. A huge police presence was out there earlier this evening.

That’s where the investigation is centered and where witnesses saw a group of men run through the area wildly firing shots in every direction.

While no one was injured a number of people came close. Bullet holes covered the back sides of a number of homes. In fact, one father said his child narrowly missed getting hit after a shot flew through his backdoor into his TV room.

Others say they took cover when the shooting starting.

A spokesperson for the Jackson police department says this shooting spree happened following an armed robbery of a nearby Auto Zone.

Police are on the lookout for at least two men, and while there are no descriptions, there is a suspect vehicle; a brown Chevy Tahoe with a license plate with the first letters reading “H-C-X.”

This shooting may also be connected to others. WJTV called police tonight, but it’s all still a very confusing situation as we are trying to figure out how multiple reported drive-bys in the same area may be connected.

We’re expecting an update on the situation soon as authorities continue searching for the suspects.

We will continue to update as more information is made available.


JACKSON, MS –  Jackson police are looking for a brown Tahoe in connection to an armed robbery on West McDowell Road that lead to a shooting into an occupied dwelling nearby at Autumn Place South.

No injuries have been reported at this time.

We will continue to update.

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