Tech mogul John McAfee announces run for presidency

WRBL – Presidential candidate John McAfee said his campaign is personal

“The issue is not just one of character. I think it is one of heart, and my heart aches for this country,” said McAfee.

In response to the question: Why did you decide to run in 2016?

“Our over oppressive government is paranoid. People call me paranoid. No our government is paranoid. It is fearful of us,” said McAfee.

McAfee explained his cyber security platform will play a key role in getting voters.

“I will win this election, and it will be a surprising win and I will win it in ways that people have never dreamed of, because I will use the technology that I am a master of to be my tool in this election…I am all in.”

McAfee tells us he is not hiding anything in his campaign he knows people will have concerns about his past, but he says he’ll be an open book on the campaign trail.

“Like President Clinton said, I have smoked marijuana, and I did inhale, and I have done other drugs, and I have done things I have regretted, but who has not. You will find transparency and openness; there is nothing that I have done that I wouldn’t discuss,” said McAfee.


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