What’s Working: Sadie’s Bucket List

MADISON, MS – Pets enrich our lives. They provide companionship and unconditional love. The loss of an animal can be devastating, but News Channel 12’s Andrew Harrison introduces us a Madison woman who is making sure her dog’s last days are filled with happiness.

Think of it as a bucket list for dogs. Julie Giroux is losing one of her best friends, but she is hoping that out of this tragedy, the Metro will become a more dog friendly place.

Sadie is a Great Dane. Her coloring is Merle. Her personality: loving and loyal. Last month, this friendly 5 year old was diagnosed with bone cancer. She’s built like a horse, so amputation and chemo really weren’t an option. Sadie’s owner, Julie Giroux came up with an idea.

She explains, “We made a bucket list for her, and if she could talk, 2 things she loves to do is go places and meet people and eat.”

For Sadie that means a different cut each day from the Kroger meat department.

Julie says, “We have worked our way through the pork loin, pork chop, blade, pork steaks. Last night we started in on a porterhouse, was last night.”

So Sadie is dining like a queen, but she doesn’t have too many places to go. Petco and Petsmart are about the only local businesses that welcome dogs, especially one as big as Sadie. Julie hopes Sadie’s legacy is a more dog friendly Metro. She wants to see dog parks, and more retailers welcome man’s best friend. She believes Sadie and her kind deserve that.

Julie explains, “From the first day I got her, until the last day I have her, she gave me unconditional love, and I want to take her somewhere, not for me, but for her, because that’s what she like to do.”

Julie has another Great Dane, if you get one, it can be a good idea to get two, because they help each other exercise. She’s hoping that the world will open up for her surviving dog.

Julie says that out West many businesses, even restaurants have days where they welcome dogs, and those days are usually their busiest of the week.

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