Delta State campus still on lockdown after shooting

dsu shooting terrance3SEPTEMBER 14, 2015 – The campus of Delta State University has been on lockdown since that call of an active shooter came in a little after 10 today.

Leaders and investigators tell us that the lockdown will remain in place for the rest of the night.

Hundreds of agencies swarmed to Delta State University looking for Dr. Shannon Lamb. He is the suspect in the shooting that left history professor, Dr. Ethan Schmidt Dead.

Then right at 5:00 pm, we were given an update on this case. At this point the suspect has not been arrested.

The DSU shooting may be connected to another death investigation out of Gautier, MS. Police here are in contact with the authorities there on the coast.

dsu shooting terrance2WJTV talked to students who know professor lamb who are in complete shock at what happened. Ashley Blackburn said,

“He was very nice and real sweet. I never knew that he could be into Something like this.”

“Both of them were nice and I mean just can’t believe that this aspect, Dr. Shannon Lamb, I can’t believe that you know I mean you never showed any signs of aggressiveness or nothing that he would do such things,” said Cassidy Hinton,

The school has been sending out information by twitter all day.

All classes are cancelled tonight and tomorrow and counselors from other schools will be coming in tomorrow morning to help anyone who might need it.

While the campus is still locked down, students will be allowed to collect belongings like car keys with proper ID.

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