South Jackson neighbors worry about brown water

JACKSON, Miss.–In south Jackson, several homes are still running muddy-colored water from the tap.

City leaders tell us they are aware of the problem, and they hope to see things clearing up soon.

As WJTV News Channel 12’s Lucy Dieckhaus reports, some residents say this has been an problem on and off for years.

For six years, Autumn Richardson says she’s been forced to tolerate discolored water and after a long day at work she took a bath and was surprised to find this.

“I came home and actually took a bath in the dark, and I told my daughter to bring me something there. When I turned the light on it was very very brown. That’s why the pictures I showed on the news was me in the tub,” said Richardson.

On Thursday she sent us pictures of her water, and called the city. They told her this.

“That we were not under boil water alert, and I asked her how could that be possible considering what the water actually looked like, and what did she say to that? Nothing she couldn’t get me any further answers,” Richardson said.

So we got her answers from the city on Friday, they say the water is discolored because of a problem at the O.B. Curtis Water Treatment plant.

They continued on to say quote “The Department of Public Works’ lab resources have reviewed the water quality and with further consultation from the Mississippi Department of Health, the water from the plant has been deemed safe for consumption.”

Autumn’s neighbor William Keslinger’s water says his water has been brown for three weeks

“I will not give to my dogs tap water straight out of the faucet,” said Keslinger.

Water normally looks clear like this, but neighbors in one Jackson community say their water coloe looks more like tea.

” A weak sweet tea it what it looks like at my house,” said Keslinger.

He says he wants to see a long-term fix from the city.

“It’s costing more to patch it then it is costing them to just go ahead and redo it,” said Keslinger.

On Friday, city officials said the water along Woody Drive was safe to drink. We followed up with them today and haven’t received an update.  We’re told city crews are working on the problem at the treatment plant. They hope to see the water clear up by early next week.


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