ESPN Report: Ole Miss preparing to be without Tunsil for “several more games”

WJTV – According to a report from ESPN’s Chris Low, Ole Miss is getting ready to be without preseason All-American left tackle Laremy Tunsil for “several more games.”

The report reveals a new detail in Tunsil’s case. It said that Cannon Motors in Oxford gave Tunsil a loaner car while his car was being repaired. It also said Tunsil allegedly kept the loaner vehicle for a longer period of time before returning it to the dealership, which the NCAA could see as an extra benefit.

According to the report, this is part of an NCAA investigation into Ole Miss that has been going on for more than three years

This all stems back to the summer when Tunsil and his stepfather, Lindsey Miller, were involved in an altercation where Tunsil said he was trying to protect his mother. Miller then accused Tunsil of riding around with and taking improper benefits from agents. The two dropped charges against one another.

The report cited recent cases involving SEC players, like Todd Gurley and A.J. Green of the University of Georgia, as examples that could signal Tunsil being suspended for a minimum of four games.

The Rebels’ next game is on Saturday, Sept. 19 against No. 2 Alabama in Tuscaloosa.


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