Fourth person charged with capital murder in connection to Greenville shooting

GREENVILLE, MS – Another suspect has been arrested in connection to a fatal September 10, 2015 shooting.

Greenville police say on September 16, 2015, Merick Cleveland, 28, was leaving from a business on Highway One South in his car, when detectives spotted him. They attempted to pull him over, but he didn’t stop. While trying to flee, he ran into a patrol car, got out of his vehicle, and ran.

He was eventually captured by police.

The initial crime happened in Greenville, MS. Police say Jonathan Daniels of Jackson, MS was shot in the torso during an alleged narcotic transaction. He later died at Delta Regional Medical Center.

An official release says, “officers also found a felony amount of marijuana in Cleveland’s Ford Expedition after his arrest. Cleveland is charged with Capital Murder, Conspiracy to Transfer Narcotics, Felony Fleeing from Law Enforcement, Aggravated Assault on a Law Enforcement Officer, and Felony Possession of Marijuana.”

Cleveland is expected to make his initial court appearance sometime this week.

The police officer who was involved in the accident when Cleveland ran into the patrol car, has been treated and released, police say.

Jonathan Harris, Archie Buford, and Jonathan Robinson have also been charged with capital murder in this crime.

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