Jackson Woman Fears Losing Home in Auction

Jackson, Miss. — Sylvia Crump bought her home on Warner Avenue in Jackson in October 2012 with a quick claim deed. She lives there with her children and 3 grandchildren. Now, Crump is afraid she may have no place to call home. “The only thing I’m worried about is being homeless. I don’t have no money to get up and go anywhere. I’m just here.”

Crump showed WJTV the quick claim she was given when she bought the house. The seller is listed as Michael Kimball. Crump says she had no idea when she bought the house that back taxes were owed. Until Monday, she also didn’t know that the house was up for auction along with dozens of other properties through the Mississippi Secretary of State’s office. “I just found out Monday when a woman came over here to take pictures of the house. And I wouldn’t have knew it then if she hadn’t been getting pictures of the house and she said it was up for sale.”

Crump is getting some help from Jackson City Councilman Kenneth Stokes. They’re asking the Secretary of State to remove the home from the list of tax forfeited properties that go on the auction block Friday. Crump’s home is valued at $26,500. The Hinds County Chancery Clerk’s office says the home reverted to the State of Mississippi in 2010 because of the back taxes. Crump could be responsible for taxes between 2010-2013 if she keeps the house. “I feel like I’ve been swindled out of my money. Because by law they’re telling me he don’t own. this property.”

WJTV was unable to reach Michael Kimball for comment. We are also waiting on the Attorney General’s office to tell us whether or not it’s legal to not disclose back taxes that are owed.

You can see a full list of tax forfeited properties here: http://www.sos.ms.gov/PublicLands/Jackson/

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