New security screening at Jackson–Evers International Airport

File photo

New security screening equipment is now at the Jackson Medgar-Evers Airport.

The East Concourse security checkpoint at the airport is up and running with the new equipment.

The X-ray technology is designed to safely screen passengers without them having to be physically touched by a TSA agent.

James Dearman, a passenger told us, “Anything that makes it move faster- as to not pat everybody down. Yes, I think it’ll work and we need a security system.”

Another passenger, David Cali said, “If they are doing less pat downs we’re all going to be happy about less time in line. A little less stress in traveling.”

Once employees and passengers get more familiar with the screening process, the airport authority says they expect shorter wait times.

Airport Authority’s CEO, Carl Newman said, “Eventually we think it’s going to be a faster process for everybody that is involved. We’re looking very much forward to having it in full operation and everybody accustomed to it.”

The Airport Authority told us the new technology has many benefits compared to the older screening models, especially those with medical issues, like a hip or knee replacement.

The new equipment will hopefully be installed for the West concourse security checkpoint sometime before the weekend.

Installation will take place during the evening hours to avoid disrupting normal operations.

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