Vicksburg Mall movie theater set to re-open

VICKSBURG, Miss.–The Vicksburg Mall movie theater will re-open after a temporary closing.

B&B Theatres leased the Vicksburg Mall cinema after it recently closed.

The group plans to bring more movie options to the Vicksburg area, and says they will make several improvements including to the box office and concession stand.

President of B&B Theatres Bob Bagby said of the deal, “We are thrilled to be partnering with Vicksburg Income Properties to re-open this great theater in a historic town. The Vicksburg Mall 6 will be our first location in Mississippi and we could not be more excited about bringing the magic of the movies to a new community.”

Vicksburg Income Properties Member and Manager Andy Weiner says, “Vicksburg Income Properties is honored to work with B&B Theatres on this exciting project. We have worked with B&B in Hutchinson, Kansas and can attest that B&B’s professionalism and decades of experience will be a tremendous asset to the theater and the community at large.”

B&B Theatres will be hosting a job fair on September 22 and 23 to hire several positions.

The theater is located inside the Vicksburg Mall at 3505 Pemberton Square Boulevard.

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