Police sergeant sits with man trapped in burning car

Monday morning a man driving along Interstate-20 lost control of his truck and hit a tree. Shortly after that, his vehicle caught fire with him still inside. He died in that accident, but he wasn’t alone. A Jackson Police Officer is being recognized by many for going above and beyond during that intense accident.

“I think the good lord knows that I tried everything that I was humanly able to done,” Sergeant William Bright said.

Since early Monday morning, Sergeant Bright has been stuck with a painful memory. He says he did everything he could to save 37-year-old Anthony Boone, but the situation was beyond his control.

“We went through probably 8 to 10 fire extinguishers. I kept spraying them on the dash and his leg area, but the heat, it was so hot. The fire just wouldn’t go out,” Bright said.

During his interview with WJTV, Bright explained that at one point the flames grew above his head. Despite his own fears, he stayed with that man; talking with him and praying until he took his last breath.

“Of course I’m speaking to the good Lord. I got there on my knees. I grabbed his hand and he grabbed mine. We were just squeezing hands together,” Bright said.

The Sergeant’s wife said she had a feeling something was going on that morning. When she called him she was told that he was extremely busy and had to call her back.

“My condolences and sympathy goes out to the family of Mr. Anthony Boone,’ Bright’s wife, Sheekas Bright said. “I am so proud of William. I just praise God for his profession and all the other men and women out there who are in law enforcement who put their lives on the line every day.”

But this sergeant says don’t go calling him a hero. He believes he was doing exactly what he took an oath to do, which is to protect and serve.

“I had never met that man before. I didn’t even know him, but he was a human being. So it was my job to do what I did,” Bright said.

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