TelehealthONE coming to Fred’s Pharmacy

JACKSON, MS (WJTV) – Technology is helping more Mississippians get access to healthcare providers.

TelehealthOne has teamed up with Fred’s pharmacy to offer medical care to those in some of our smaller communities.

It’s a remote walk-in clinic at the Fred’s pharmacy in Flora, MS. With this new technology patients will be able to talk  face to face with a nurse practitioner on a screen.

“We’re able to get actual real live pictures of a patients eardrum, we’re able to listen to soundbites of their heart, we’re able to listen to sound bites of their breathing,” said Heather Mangum with TelehealthOne.

Mangum says the patients should get in and out in about 15 to 30 minutes and that’s good news for Maebell Kelly who drives 22 miles to canton just to see a doctor. The Fred’s is only a mile from her home. She says,

“That’s very convenient because we go to Canton to the doctor then have to come back here to pick up our medication and some people don’t have transportation, so it is really handy, you don’t have to pay for transportation, so we’re glad to have it here in Flora.”

The clinic opens tomorrow morning at 8:00. Flora is the first location for TelehealthOne but the company plans to expand to other locations.

We’ll keep you posted.

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