What’s Working: The World’s First Wearable Gym

JACKSON, MS (WJTV) – Fitness is a priority for most of us these days. When we workout, we expect results. An inventor, who spent years in Jackson, has created his own line of workout apparel, that he hopes will revolutionize the fitness industry. WJTV News Channel 12’s Andrew Harrison heads to the gym in tonight’s edition of “What’s Working.”

Feeling the tension in the room, can be a good thing, when you are talking about dynamic tension and the room in question is a weight room. The fellas at Apex Resistance and Conditioning want to change the way you work out.

The Cornish brothers and their business partners bill their product as The World’s First Wearable Gym. It consists of nylon shorts reinforced by neoprene resistance bands than can attach to your legs, arms and hips.

Jackson State University student Anthony Cornish explains while wearing the suit, “I am working my hamstrings and my quads and also working my biceps and my triceps.”

Anthony’s older brother Adrian came up with the idea for the bionic resistance suit in 2006. He remembers, “Well, I just wanted to pretty much make exercise more efficient. I wanted to increase performance of athletes, also people to cut their work out time in half.”

Since then, they’ve sold more than 2,000 suits. They retail for just under a $100.

Adrian says it’s only the beginning. “It all started right here in Jackson, Mississippi. (We) Want to take the world by storm like Under Armour,” he says.

Business partner Nathan Roy explains, ” We are setting down the foundation right now to be a big company, and we expect to be there in 5-10 years.”

Sure enough, bulk orders are starting to come in. The suit should benefit athletes looking for an explosive burst, but that’s not all.

Nathan Roy adds, “We have a soccer team trying them out. We have basketball. We have football using it. We are going to have swimming soon. And we’ll even have golf using it.” Low impact, high resistance, easy on your joints but hard on your muscles. Don’t be surprised if you start seeing a wearable gym at a gym near you.

The Cornish brothers plan to continually modify resistance suit as needed, and they hope to create one that incorporates smart technology in the near future.

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