Family members of Copiah Academy’s Jay Holloway remember his life

Copiah County, MS (WJTV) – Family members of 16-year-old Jay Holloway, the Copiah Academy Quarterback killed in a Tuesday morning car crash, are remembering his life.

They say the community has been so gracious during this time. They say dealing with Jay’s death has been hard, but they’re leaning on faith.
“I would love for everyone to know the kind of boy that I raised,” Fred Holloway said about his son.

Fred Holloway says he raised Jay to be a man of integrity, a man of faith and a man with a good heart. He says his son never let them down.Jay Holloway

“The thing that he did and the support that he had among the football players and the community, it speaks for him,” Fred Holloway said.

Jay’s oldest sister, Stephanie Gatlin, happened to be in town from New Mexico when he was killed in the crash.

“We were able to see him play his last football game in person. He got to see my little girl cheer him on. We spent Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday together. Tuesday, he left for school. We did not know that it would be our last time seeing him,” Gatlin explained.

She says during that game, Jay’s family got to see an example of his outstanding character when he interacted with a competitor on the field.

“A player from Ben’s Ford was sitting on the ground, totally defeated,” she said. “Jay ran up behind him, pulled him up, gave him some encouragement, and he went back to play the game.”

“We are a family of love. We are God-fearing, and we love the Lord,” Fred Holloway said. “He will see us through this. It’s hard now, but after a while, the battle will be over.”

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