Jackson Prep uses 3D printer to create prosthetic hand for child

Before he was born, Braden’s parents say doctors knew he didn’t have his left hand, but since he had a full length arm and hand they started looking at other options beside full prosthetics.
Wednesday, the 6-year old was surprised with a new hand.
“Craziest idea I’ve ever heard and it will never happen.”
That was Jackson Prep’s Physics’ teacher Marsha Hobbs’ initial reaction when the school got a call about creating a 3D prosthetic hand for 6-year-old Braden McCay.
Since Braden was born, he’s had to rely solely on his right hand for everything.
“From the day he was born as a parent you’re always concerned what can he do what can’t he do and how can we help him,” says Jim McCay, father.
Years ago, the McCay family met Rick Psonak at church and since he makes prosthetics, he says he wanted to help their child.
“It just speaks to your heart if I could be involved in something to make this child’s life better I want to be involved in it,” says Psonak.
Psonak says after brainstorming ideas with the family, he gave Jackson Prep a call.
Although Hobbs says she was hesitant at first, she worked with high school senior Matthew Clay to design the new hand on the school’s 3D printer.
“Matthew says that he has doubled the amount of fingers he has ever touched with the ones he destroyed trying to get them ready,” says Hobbs.
“There’s not one night where I was miserable when I was making this. There’s a reason I stayed up until one in the morning,” says Clay.
After weeks of late nights creating this prosthetic hand, little Braden strapped on his new addition and gave his first left handed high five.
“It’s just amazing to see how the school and Rick came together to create this for Braden and we are more than blessed,” says McCay.
Moving forward Hobbs says she wants to work with Clay to train more students to be able to make prosthetics out of their 3D printer.

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