Woman Stays By Copiah Teen’s Side After Crash

Copiah County, MS (WJTV) – Copiah Academy Quarterback Jay Holloway died in a crash Tuesday morning. One woman, who lives near the site where he crashed on Rutledge Road, said she didn’t want him to die alone, so she rushed to the scene to be with him.

Wednesday, Linda Carroll spoke about Holloway’s last moments.

“I just believe that when I was holding his hand, he knew that somebody was there for him,” Carroll said.

Since the accident, she says she’s been replaying her time with Holloway in her head over and over again.

“I reached in there, and I held his hand,” she said.

Carroll continued on to say Holloway asked her to get him out. All she could do, she said, was reassure him that help was on the way.

“I said they are on their way. Please hold on. Just talk to me,” Carroll said.Jay Holloway

At that point, she said all she could is pray. She says she never let go of Holloway’s hand and stayed by his side.

“He pulled away. Then, he brought it back and grabbed my hand,” she said.

Holloway was only 16 when he died. His age was something that broke Carroll’s heart.

Once paramedics arrived, Carroll left the scene. She said “I should have stayed, but I couldn’t take it. I let his hand go, and I told him they’re here. You’re going to be okay.”

Holloway did succumb to his injuries. Carroll says it’s a moment she will never forget.

“I didn’t know who it was, and I didn’t really care. It was a human,” Carroll said.

We spoke with Holloway’s family, and passed Carroll’s contact information along. They say they look forward to meeting the woman who stayed by his side.

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