Jackson woman gets unusually high water bill

Jackson, Miss. (WJTV) – Last month the City of Jackson unveiled its new water billing system. Since then, some people in the metro tell us they have seen bills almost doubled what they should be, but one woman says hers may be one of the worst yet.

“My blood pressure went up right away,” Veronica Ballard said. The Jackson homeowner tells us she and her husband were in complete disbelief when she finally got her new water bill. “My bill is $2,888 dollars,” Ballard said.

Ballard says there’s no way she and her family could have gone through that water. She says her bill is normally around the same range. At no point, she says, has it ever gotten to this level.

“There’s no way,” Ballard said. “I’m not even be here all day. $2,888.00? That’s a mess. I guess they are trying to make me pay for the water main breaks.”

The billing period posts back to July. The family’s water bill hadn’t been coming through since they say the city installed a new water meter. When it did finally come, the prices were unusually high for each period. Ballard says she went to the water department before contacting us.

“They have some kind of new system going. She promised me they were not going to send me another bill until they got it done, but they hadn’t,” Ballard said.

When she talked to that city worker, they told her they weren’t sure how the bill got that high. She was told that she needed to make some kind of payment on her account, but was never given a number. Ballard is concerned about her water getting cut off, but she is refusing to pay a bill that high.

“The lady, she left me at the desk for like 15 minutes. She was in a state of shock too. You know, what do I need to pay? I don’t even know what I need to pay until they get this straight,” Ballard said.

Sheila Byrd, Public Spokesperson for the City of Jackson sent us over a statement regarding this issue.

All billing issues are resolved on an individual basis. The water department will review any accounts for errors. We encourage customers to call 601-960-2000. Our customer service representatives answer all calls they receive and our goal is to give customers the best service.

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