The Mississippi State Fair Kicks Off in Jackson

JACKSON, Miss. – The 156th Annual Mississippi State Fair is underway in Jackson. The family atmosphere has set the tone despite the rough ride it took to get to opening day.

“The food the fun the family atmosphere it’s real great, great time,” says Jermaine Cunning, who’s been coming to the fair for nearly 30 years.

Over the past month the Jackson Police Department and the State Fair Commission were in talks about security at the state fair. Just Tuesday, one day before the fair, the two departments agreed that Jackson Police would patrol outside the fairgrounds.

“I was a little bit concerned about it at first but I haven’t seen anything out of the ordinary everybody seems to be on their best behavior. Either the police are working or everybody is being good tonight,” says Stephanie Perry from Pearl.

“I knew the city of Jackson and the State Fair Commission would come to some kind of agreement and I’m glad that they did,” says Cunning.

There are 50 less JPD officers patrolling at the fair this year compared to previous years but those number did not deter guests from having fun.

“I’ve noticed an increase in Hinds County police so there is still security,” says Roderick Ward.

The Mississippi State Fair goes until October 18.

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