Business Loses Thousands After Water Main Break

JACKSON, Miss. – Eddie’s snack bar is a staple in Jackson, but lately the doors have been closed to customers because of what the business says is an error by the city.

“We’ve had two separate incidents of a busted water line, one separate incident of a busted gas line, which put us out of business for three days and we lost revenue,” Eddie’s Snack Shop Spokesperson, Laurence Allen explained.

Our crews were on the scene shortly after the line was struck Tuesday, as gallons of water gushed for nearly a day.

“I do understand that they made an error, and that’s fine,” Allen said. “They did come back and correct the mistake.”

The water line was repaired last Wednesday, and in a meeting Monday Allen went before the council to ask that he be compensated for loss revenue as a result of the recent breaks.

“I definitely believe in the city of Jackson, that they will make a fair decision and a speedy decision,” Allen said.

Allen says he’s not the only one to suffer; his employees were not paid during the time his business was shut down.

“Loss wages and in reference to what we loss in reference to supplies, I am asking the city of Jackson to compensate us for our three days of lost business,” Allen said.

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