Water Department Employees Quit Because of “Workload”

Jackson, Miss. – Jackson City Council President Melvin Priester says employees in the City Water Department are walking out because of the workload associated with the new water billing system, “I don’t know the number of people that have left. You know it’s a tough job to be in customer service when everyone in the city is complaining about customer service.”

The system rolled out in September and many customers were shocked by their bottom line. Some said they were over-billed. Other’s saw service fees that they had never paid before. It’s caused an influx of phone calls and visits to the water customer service department and a lot of confusion. Priester is among those confused by the new system, “I’m like other people. We’re sorting through the bills. I got an estimated bill. My bill was late arriving but we’re going through growing pains. We have to have this new billing software that our staff is working extremely hard to get it up and running but we’re just going through growing pains right now.”

Priester took his bill to the water department to get it sorted out. What many customers have found out is that the city will only read meters every other month. In Monday’s City Council meeting, it was said that there are not enough employees to read the meters every month. Priester says the city needs to do a better job of letting the public know what’s going on, “We got to do a better job. One of the things that we’ve asked today is to get the team at water billing is to push more information out to people so they can better understand what is going on.”

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