Jeremy Renner talks about equal pay for men, women

Jeremy Renner is making waves by talking about equal pay for men and women and saying it’s not his job to make sure his female co-­stars get paid.

Renner told Business Insider that he’s a performer and he lets other people deal with the contracts. He went on to say that he does support actresses being paid fairly, but his initial reaction is leaving a sour taste in many people’s mouths.

And out with Howard Stern and in with Simon Cowell. Everyone’s favorite meanie will replace the shock jock as a judge on NBC’s “America’s Got Talent”, joining Howie Mandel, Mel B and Heidi Klum! Cowell is excited, revealing that he almost joined the panel five years ago.

And is Adam Levine Super Bowl bound? Levine’s band Maroon 5 are reportedly in negotiations to perform at the Halftime Show next year.

We also heard that the NFL reached out to Bruno Mars to both perform and curate the halftime show. Could Maroon 5 be part of Bruno’s master plan?

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